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Turn Every Member of Your Team Into a Part-Owner and Stakeholder

Specially designed for seed stage firms, funded scale-ups and technology service providers, Keepr is an employee rewards platform that allows founders to easily share equity and profits with employees, contractors and even outsourced team members.

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Start-up or Scale-up

Are you a VC-backed start-up or funded scale-up that is looking to set up an employee rewards plan, a simple stock option plan or complex stock option (which caters for external and hybrid teams)? 

Technology Partner

Are you a technology service company, offshoring firm or software outsourcing provider? Are you looking to set up a profit sharing incentive to enhance your team’s pay packages? 

Established Company

Is your company already generating profits? Are you looking to share a portion of your profits amongst your team members but don’t know how to go about it?

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