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A Profit Sharing Platform That’s Built For Technology Service Providers

Keepr is a profit sharing platform that is built for technology service providers, by technology service providers. Keepr makes it easier than ever to share profits amongst an increasingly remote and segmented workforce.

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Sharing Profit Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated

Software-as-a-Service model with zero set-up fee.

AI-powered user validation and anti-fraud checks at the point of sign-up.

White-labeled platform that
can be tailored to your brand.

Complete transparency and control over all stakeholder payouts.

‘Founder Studio’ for quick and easy setup of stock incentive plans.

Employee dashboard with
real-time visibility of assets earned.

Easily connect with payroll and finance platforms via API.

Monthly asset-allocation based on tiered seniority groups.

Employee dashboard with
real-time asset visibility.


A Simple and Easy-to-Use Profit Sharing Platform

Attract, Retain,
and Inspire

For outsourcing firms that supply talent to third-party companies, the recruitment landscape is incredibly competitive. Keepr provides companies with an innovative way to attract and retain top talent.

Greater Control
and Visibility

Keepr’s transparent platform provides founders with greater visibility, insight and control of how profits are shared amongst team members. This allows leaders to better understand the implications of profit-sharing.

Easy-to-Use Profit Sharing Plans, Powered by AI

Create tiered allocation groups based on roles and responsibilities. Decide what portion of profit you want to assign to each group. Then choose initial and monthly allocations, all through a user-friendly dashboard. 

Enhance Payment Packages and Motivate Your Workers

Keepr provides technology service providers with a means to share profits amongst team members. This is added to a worker’s core pay and allows them to feel more directly rewarded for their contribution. 

Reward Your Team Members in More Ways Than One

Once you have set up your own profit sharing incentive, you can encourage your clients to set up their own complex stock option plan to runs alongside it. This allows your workers to not only benefit from your success, but that of your clients. 

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Manage Your Assets With Ease

Reward your team members, increase team unity and build trust. 

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